Peer Review Process

Articles, review articles, and essays submitted to the journal Lidé města / Urban People are subject to double-blind peer review process, which can have one or two rounds. During the whole process, manuscripts are treated as confidential documents.

After submission, the author is informed about the registration of the text by the editors within a week. The Editor-in-Chief has the right to recommend linguistic, formal, and content modifications to the manuscript prior to its submission for peer review. The Editorial Board as a collective body has the right to refuse the text before or during the review process or at any moment before publication in cases of inconsistency with the mission of the journal, non-compliance with academic standards and/or poor quality, research misconduct, or violation of ethical principles.

Every text accepted for the reviewing process is evaluated by at least two independent reviewers. Reviews should be conducted objectively, according only to the intellectual content of the text, and must indicate whether the text should be a) published with minor or no changes, b) revised and resubmitted, c) rejected. According to reviewers’ recommendations, the journal’s Editorial Board either accepts the text, returns it to the author for revisions/rewriting, or rejects it. No more than two rounds of reviewing are possible; in the second round another (third or fourth) reviewer(s) might be recruited. Each round of the review process typically takes four to eight weeks. However, the journal takes no responsibility for delays caused by the reviewers.

The author of the text is informed about the peer review results and the Editorial Board decision in written form, usually within eight weeks from the submission of the manuscript. If revisions of the text are required, the author needs to complete them within the time frame suggested by the editorial board (usually within six months). If required for official purposes, formal confirmation of submission or the acceptance of a manuscript for publication are provided upon request.

Reviews and reports are not subject to the peer review process. Decisions about the publication or revisions of these texts are made by the Editorial Board; the Editorial Board may (anonymously) ask for academic input from external experts.

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