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Journal Policies and Instructions for the Authors

Lidé města / Urban People is an international peer-reviewed journal in social and cultural anthropology established in 1999, and published in a print version and online in an open-access format. The journal’s goal is to foster high-standard and ethically responsible academic research in social and cultural anthropology and related disciplines by maximizing the free exchange of scholarly knowledge. It is issued by Charles University’s Faculty of Humanities, and is governed by independent Editorial Boards whose members are internationally recognized scholars. There are three issues per year, two in Czech and/or Slovak (in May and December) and one in English (in September).

The journal accepts original, as-yet-unpublished academic texts in the form of articles, review articles, essays, academic editions, book reviews, and short reports. Czech and Slovak texts are published in the Czech editions, while English contributions are issued in the English editions of the journal.

Lidé města / Urban People journal provides open access to all of its content immediately after publication. The electronic archive is permanently open to the public, and it is independent of the journal’s existence. The journal is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). There is no article processing charge, nor any other fee for authors. The author remains the copyright owner of their work.

The journal Lidé města / Urban People is regularly indexed in the Czech National Bibliography, in the Historical Bibliography of the Czech Lands, and in the databases of the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) and EBSCO Information Services. It is included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH Plus).

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

As a leading national journal in the field, Lidé města / Urban People is committed to meeting high standards of ethical behaviour at all stages of the publication process. Journal editors, the publisher, authors, and reviewers all follow the Committee of Publication Ethics’ (COPE) Code of Conduct and other guidelines, as well as the recommendations of Elsevier’s Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK).

Publication decisions

The Editorial Boards and Editors-in-Chief of Lidé města / Urban People are responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published. The governing bodies follow the journal’s policies, academic ethical standards, and legal requirements, such as those regarding libel, copyright infringement, and plagiarism.

Ethical standards

All manuscripts are reviewed according to their intellectual content without regard to the age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, country of origin, or religious or political opinions of the author(s). Any conflict of interest between author(s), reviewer(s), and members of the journal’s Editorial Boards or editorial stuff is inadmissible.


Until publication, all manuscripts are kept strictly confidential. Personal data processing occurs in accordance with national and European GDPR regulations. The Editors-in-Chief, members of the Editorial Boards, and the editorial staff must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author and the reviewers. Reviewers do not know the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) before publication, and the members of the Editorial Board not until accepting the article for printing.

Disclosure of authorship and financial support

All the authors and their affiliation must be indicated in their submissions. In order to counteract so-called “ghostwriting”, “guest authorship”, and similar unethical practices, the authors are required to disclose each author’s contribution to the publication (providing their affiliation and specifying the nature of the contribution). Similarly, the sources of financing of the research and writing must be explicitly indicated. In case of potential ethical misconduct on the side of authors or reviewers, the Editors-in-Chief and/or Editorial Boards have the responsibility to document the violations and notify pertinent bodies and authorities, and to either ask for corrections or retract the publication (see below).

Principles regarding original work and republication

Submitted manuscripts should not have been previously published, and they cannot be currently under review elsewhere. Submission of the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently constitutes unethical publishing practice and is deemed unacceptable. The author remains to be the copyright owner of their work, and the Lidé města / Urban People journal does not object to the re-publishing of the work in other types of publications (e.g., books) if the earlier publication in Lidé města / Urban People is properly indicated.

Acknowledgement of sources

Proper acknowledgement of referenced sources and all work by others must always be included. Authors should cite the publications that have been influential in shaping their work. Citation of publications that were not used in the submitted work is not permitted.

Correction of errors

By participating in the peer review process, and by following the instructions of peer reviewers, Editors-in-Chief, and of the Editorial Board, authors are obliged to make retractions or corrections of mistakes both during the editing process, and after the publication. Authors are also responsible to promptly notify the journal Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher about possible errors that they themselves identify in the published article, and to cooperate with the editors to retract or correct the paper. Lidé města / Urban People also welcomes other scholars to dispute research results and contribute to error correction. The Editorial Boards and Publisher are willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when needed.


By submitting a work to the Lidé města / Urban People journal, the author declares they are the sole copyright holder of the work and of the eventual appendices (pictures, photos, etc.). If the manuscript should include parts that are in the copyright ownership of a third party, the author must receive written permission to use such material in Lidé města / Urban People.

Legal note

By submitting a work to the Lidé města / Urban People journal and by accepting its final version before printing, the author(s) agree(s) to the terms and conditions of the Czech Republic’s Copyright Law (No. 121/2000), and to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Copyright Notice, which will apply to the manuscript if and when it is published by this journal.

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