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11 January 2021

Call for contributions

The international journal of urban anthropology Lidé města / Urban People invites authors to submit their articles to be included in the journal’s annual English issue.

Deadline for article submissions: March 31, 2021 (authors are encouraged to send their contributions prior to this date, as this will help expedite the editorial process).

General contributions. Authors are encouraged to send in articles on any topic corresponding to the general goals of the Urban People journal (see below). In addition, the next issue of the journal will also include two specific rubrics:

  1. Entangled crises. We live in times of multiple, interrelated crises affecting people and societies on a global scale: from climate change and the covid-19 pandemic, to various national and international political crises; various forms of systemic violence (e.g., economic inequality, racism, sexism); media crises (e.g., fake news), new technology crises (e.g., digital surveillance), and various crises of academic institutions. We therefore encourage scholars to submit articles that scrutinize (urban) human life from the perspective of the predicaments of our times. Moreover, contributors should observe the entanglement of different crises, and attend to both the larger forces accountable for the crises, as well as to the everyday ethnographic realities of the people experiencing them.

  2. Ethnographies of cities and towns. We search for articles that study particular cities and towns from around the globe. This will be a regular rubric of the Urban People journal, which will aim to motivate research and to publish articles that focus on historical, economic, political, social, and/or cultural issues related to the ethnographic and interdisciplinary study of specific urban areas.

Lidé města / Urban People is an international peer-reviewed journal of sociocultural anthropology and related disciplines, with a specific focus on topics related to urban anthropology. It is dedicated to the publication of high-quality and innovative research.

The journal is published by the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, both in a print version and online (in an open access format). It has an international Editorial Board, and is indexed in Czech biographical databases, and in the international scientometric and bibliographic databases EBSCO, ERIH and CEEOL.

Date of publication: September 2021.

Formal requirements for articles: urbanpeople.cuni.cz/LMENG-21.html

Volume, number: Lidé města / Urban People 2021, issue 23, number 2 (English edition).

Contributions should be submitted to:

Thank you for your consideration!

With regards, David Verbuč (Editor-in-Chief for English editions).

Other information.

Journal website: https://urbanpeople.cuni.cz

Publisher: Fakulta humanitních studií UK (Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic). Address: Pátkova 2137/5, 182 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic.

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